ITK Envifront

- We deliver long-term profitable air cleaning to our customers.

Our products consists of cleaning techniques for combustion processes, fabric filter technique, heat recycling with flue gas condensation and intelligent control systems, all with the same goal:

- To give the customer an improved over-all economy and at the same time improve the environment through world class air pollution control technology.


The company is a merger between the two companies ITK Luktteknik and Envifront.

ITK Luftteknik was founded 1955 and has great experience of Air Pollution Equipment, for example within the Iron and Steel-, Foundry- and Milling Industry.

Envifront has since its establishment in 1988 worked as a problem solver within the controlling of air pollution problems, and later specialized within combustion related processes such as particle- and gaseous emissions.

We market our products under the trademark ITK Envifront.

Long-term profitability

Through the fact that our products are both innovative and stand for high quality, they generate high performance with low energy consumption and with high reliability. This means that the customer saves unnecessary waste of energy and wearing parts with our technology, in addition you get high accessibility. Altogether this contributes to lower running and maintenance costs, fewer stops and therefore consequently increased productivity.

To be able to serve our customers the best way possible, we have over 30 000 blueprints from all ITK constructions since 1956 in a digital archive. This makes it possible for us to come up with spare parts for old constructions. It also enables us to help our customers upgrade their old constructions for a fair price and in a safe way, with the help from the blueprints of the old construction in our archive. One example is INEOS Svenska AB, former Hydro Polymer, which in 2008 modernized their ITK filters from 1984. Another example of upgrades to improve the performance is Lindab in Grevie for their plasma cutting, where they bought a bag filter from us in the 90's. The construction has worked irreproachable throughout the years, but in the year of 2001 we suggested that the control system should be upgraded to resistance control to extend the life span of the filter sleeves. This was done and the life span of the filter sleeves has now increased threefold and in addition to this, lowered their energy consumption. The plant is running efficiently still.

Our customers

We have customers all over the world. Our constructions are delivered in most of the continents. More than 50 % of our deliveries are exported. Our customers consists of large corporate groups like ABB, Borealis, Ineos, Lindab, LKAB, Outokumpu Stainless, Oerlikon Neumag, Posco, SSAB, Volvo, YIT as well as smaller companies like crematoriums, thermal power stations etc.



Our company has an AA rating, which signifies high creditworthiness according to the Soliditet evaluation system, which is based on approximately 2,400 decision parameters. This information is completely up to date and is refreshed daily via the Soliditet database.