• Danisco SSA Arlöv
    Doubled capacity and halved maintenance costs on sleeve filters for separation of sugar dust.
  • Målerås Glassworks, Orrefors Glassworks
    Doubled capacity of sleeve filters for glass ovens.
  • Municipality of Tibro
    Increased capacity on solid fuel combustion plant.
  • Borup and Roslev Heat-only boiler station
    Decrease of maintenance cost on filters for solid fuel combustion plant.
  • Rifa AB
    Emission decrease, capacity increase and smaller maintenace costs.
  • Gotthard Aluminium AB
    Emission decrease in the melting through installation of improved and new covers for salth baths and alloy ovens.
  • Avesta Sheffield AB
    Examination and analyssy of the cleaning equipment to the new 75-tonne steel oven, in order to propose measures which improve the capacity and separation ability.
  • Gotthard Aluminum in Älmhult, Sweden
    New covers for rolling alloy ovens.