Control Manager - CPFE

helps you to get control of your filter plants.

The solution is called resistance measurement namely measurement of both pressure drop and flow.
By measuring the resistance in different parts of industrial process evacuation plants for ex. bag filter plants you can keep an accurate track of the conditions on your filter plant which  saves your money. About 20 years ago we introduced a control system, CPFA, for bag filters with the method resistance control measurement. The filtration resistance is simplified expressed the pressure drop over the filter bags through the flow and this method has helped our customers to  save a lot of  energy as well as wear on filter bags and in that way helped them to reduce their cost for the environmental protection.

The system is:

  • price worthy - payoff time often below 2 years
  • simple and rapid to install by means of M12 connectors and ready cabling
  • reliable
  • a completion to existing PLC-control systems
  • complying to EMC and all other EU directives
  • IP 67 encapsulated

The software that will be successively extended for different applications is easy to configure and adept for the actual need. Through the accessories there are possibilities to measure and register the most for ex. the:

  • pressure drop over different parts in a plant
  • clogging in duct systems
  • partial flows in duct systems
  • filtration resistance
  • emission - bag failure
  • estimated remaining bag life time
  • compressed air consumption
  • estimated power consumption
  • alarms at deviations


  • how different products are affecting the filtration process
  • compare performance of existing filter bags with earlier used filter bags

By controlling the filter bag cleaning by means of filtration resistance and monitor eventual clogging in duct systems savings in:

  • wear on filter bag
  • energy consumption
  • emission

is achieved thanks to following advantages:

  • increased bag life by means of:
    • lower pressure drop
    • lower cleaning frequency
  • increased energy consumption thanks to:
    • lower pressure drop over filter plant reduces the fan power consumption
    • control of clogging in the duct system reduces fan power consumption
    • lower cleaning frequency reduces the compressed air consumption
  • reduced maintenance which is achieved through
    • less wear on mechanical components as this gives increased life time on pulse cleaning valves through lower cleaning frequency
  • reduced dust emission is achieved through:
    • lower cleaning frequency
    • better condition on filter media
    • earlier detection of bag failure

If this sounds interesting please contact Magnus Dahlin or Fredrik Kraft for more information.

Control Manager - CPFE


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