Bag filter PFSC

Bag filter PFSC is a pulse-cleaned fabric filter for separation of dust suspended in air and other gasses. The filter is intended for use with heavy industrial processes/applications.

PFSC is a development of the FC-filter, which is represented for example in founderies, iron- and steel-, chemical technical, mining-, mineral industries, crushing mills and asphalt works.

There are hundreds of filters installed.

  • Operates with very high reliability.
  • Meets high emission demands
  • often below 1 mg/Nm3.
  • Tailor made for each process and application.
  • Has very low operation and maintenance costs by: Design which prevents abrasion and clogging on the filter cloth, which results in long lifetime of the filter material.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Simple operator friendly maintenance.


Tailor made plants
All plants are tailor made for each process. Pre-separators, gas flow, cleaning-, controlling, supervising systems and filter media are adapted to each application.

Bag filter PFSC


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