Cassette filter PFMG-20

Cassette filter PFMG-22 is specially designed to collect fine, fibrous dust, e.g pulp dust including super-absorbents, where there are very high demands on reliability and low dust emission and for instance, where risk for dust explosions exists.

  • Operates with very high availability.
  • Meets very high emission demands – below 0.5 mg/Nm3.
  • Has very low operation and maintenance costs by:
  • - Cassette design that prevents abrasion and clogging, which results in long lifetime of the filter media.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Simple, operator friendly maintenance.
  • Filter media sampled into cassettes.
  • Gas flow in cooperation with gravity.
  • Can be equipped with explosion relief covers according to DSHARE norms.
Cassette filter PFMG-20


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