Multislangfilter PFMB

The Multi-bag Filter PFMB is intended for heavy industrial processes / applications, where there are big demands on availability and emissions. The filter is a further development of the MSF-filters already represented in e.g. heating plants, mineral, processing, food product and grain industries.

The Multi-bag Filter PFMB is a pulse-cleansed textile filter for collecting all kinds of dust from the air and other gases.

The filter sleeves in PFMB are cleaned with the help of compressed air thrusts. The compressed air briefly expands the filter material and causes the dust layer on the outside of the filter sleeves to fall off. An electric control unit starts, stops and surveys the cleaning procedure and fall in pressure.

Multi-bag Filter PFMB

Gives very high availability.

  • Withstands high emission requirements – often under 1 mg/Nm3.
  • Is customized for each process and application – by i.e. three different group series for thermally generated, mechanically generated or fibrous dust.
  • Gives good economy – low operational and maintenance costs by: Long-life filter material – a construction which prevents the filter cloth from wearing and clogging.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Simple, operator-friendly maintenance.
  • The filter material is mounted in tube cassettes.
  • Gas distribution in combination with the force of gravity.

Through a standardised system, each facility is customized for the process in question. In this way, the pre-collection, current speeds, cleaning, control and operational surveillance systems are adjusted as filter media for each application.

Multislangfilter PFMB


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