PFMH-TFAC for cremators

Usage area
The PFMH-TFAC filter is specially designed to clean flue gas from cremation processes. It is built to be able to fit in small premises with a low ceiling height and little space. The fabric filter PFMH's task is to clean the flue gas from particles of dust and the bed filter TFAC is composed with active carbon to clean the air from dioxides and mercury.

The task of the active carbon filters is to clean the flue gas from mercury and dioxines. The TFAC filter is placed in the flue after the particle cleaning in fabric filter PFMH.

Components fabric filter PFMH

  • Precollector
  • Filter housing
  • Cleaning system
  • Filter cassettes
  • Hopper with screw
  • Closing damper TSAB (accessories)
  • Bypass damper TSFA-03 (accessories)
  • Control system CPFA (accessories)

Description bed filter TFAC
The filter consists of the following main parts: A filter housing which is built together with the fabric filter. Two steps of cassettes filled with active carbon, where step one handles the Hg- and dioxine cleaning and step two constitutes an extra safety of the dust collection.

  • Each step contains a container where the flue gas is cleaned at the passage from the outside to the inside of the cylinder.
  • The cassettes are filled with a specially adapted granulated active carbon.
  • Cassette plates where the carbone cassettes are fixed. These are intended to be changed 2 times a year
Flow diagram - ITK Fabric filter + bed filter
PFMH-TFAC for cremators


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