ITK Envifront is a specialized supplier for flue gas treatment, FGT,  systems for cremators and similar processes. Our cleaning plants where 99,96 % of the mercury is separated before the flue gases are released into the air have been delivered to several sites in Europe.

ITK Envifront has since 1996 delivered cleaning plants for a series of crematories. Borås, Karlskoga, Eskilstuna and Västerås in Sweden and Sarpsborg in Norway, all have a Dry Adsorption System, type PFMB-TAS.

We also supply upgrading for existing FGT for crematories. When the crematory of Skövde, Sweden, upgraded its furnace and filter they also upgraded filter plant with a sorbent dosing plant of type SSD from ITK Envifront. A special air cooled convector cooler type VKS cooling the flue gas is another of our products.

ITK Envifront has later also delivered the TAS system to the crematories in Gent in Belgium.

Our last development of the TAS system, the type PFMH-TFAC, has recently been delivered to the crematories in Helsingborg and Oskarshamn, Sweden and to the crematory in Vestfold, Norway.

Lately ITK Envifront has installed a FGT plant for the crematorium of Frederiksberg in Copenhagen Denmark. In march 2012 a new combustion control system was introduced to the market. The crematorium of Hovshaga Växjö has by this gained a lot lower oil consumption as well as slightly shorter average cremation time.