Manufactoring Industry and Workshops

Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Systems, IVCS, for cleaning of work areas as well as transportation of overspill as well as removal of waste from the production process. Since three decades hundreds of IVCS has been installed world wide the ITK Luftteknik types KLM, FUH as well as FUHT are all know types of good repute still in use by the end users. At Borealis in Stenungsund, Sweden our central vacuum cleaning system KLMA, for cleaning and transport of material for the production line for polyethene, is used.

For more information about the upgraded new KLMA and other cleaning equipment please see our product section for cleaning systems or simply contact us.

Bag Filters of ITK Luftteknik brands type FB, FC, FD, FK DFB, DFC, DFD, EFB, EFC, EFD are filter types installed on many plants all around the world. These bag filters are known to be very dependable. The experience from these filters are upgraded in our new designs PFMG and PFSC bag filters these filters are represented in a number of different mechanical operations.