Appointment of new board of directors

We have the pleasure to present our new board of directors! The complete board consists of Fredrik Albertson, Managing Director ITK Envifront, Freddie Edqvist, Sales Director and Chairman of ITK Envifront plus two external directors – Henrik Marken and Johan Fromell.

Board of directors



Henrik Marken presently is the Managing Director of Svensk Målningsteknik AB, which is a company specialized in surface treatment on all metal components for all type of industries worldwide. Henrik has a wealth of experience driving project execution, procurement and supply chain as well as quality control of sub suppliers. His uncanny drive combined with his experience of managing large commercial projects, many change initiatives and delivering a strong performance providing customers with good service will help us to drive the same type of changes in ITK Envifront.

Johan Fromell, Managing Director of Wikells Byggberäkningar AB, successfully runs a business within IT subscription of construction related calculation tools. He has grown the business, with good profit, every year since he took over as managing director 2015. Johan is a driver and a challenging leader who believes that the best way to grow an organization is to empower in to the organization and create value for others. He easily identifies the business potential which will further help ITK Envifront to grow and take the right steps towards our company goals.

Since 1963 Wikells Byggberäkningar AB has helped companies in the building industry to save time and simplify their daily work with their own developed software. Wikells Byggberäkningar AB is also known for its great customer service.

Fredrik Albertson, 2019-04-07