Campaign for Crematoriums

The experience that ITK Envifront through the years has developed will be available for at first more Swedish crematoriums. We have since 1997 been a supplier of cleaning technology for this niche. Furnace control systems:

  • Year 1999 we supplied our first control device for crematorium. Hovdestalunds Krematorium, Västerås, has since than with good experience operated their two TABO-furnaces with this system.
  • Year 2011 we supplied Söndermark krematorium, Frederiksberg, Copenhagen a new furnace control in conjunction of a completer flue gas cleaning system for their Envikraft furnace.
  • Year 2012, March, commissioning of a new principle of combustion control in conjunction with exchange of PLC-system to Siemens S7 on their Facultatieve Technology furnace took place.



SJ, 2012-03-16