Jernforsen Energi System AB buys flue gas cleaning for Argent energy

Argent Energy is setting up a new biodiesel manufacturing plant in England to manufacture fuel from leftovers from livestock farming and industries that cannot be used for other purposes. A PSFC filter from ITK Envifront combined with the intelligent CPFE control system and metering distributor was selected to meet the emission levels and delivery time. The products provide low energy consumption, very low compressed air consumption, long life time of filter media and very good control of emissions.

The ITK Envifront PFSC-filter is capable of handling very low emission requirements while providing high availability. It is tailored for each customer's unique situation and application. The filter structure prevents wear and clogging of the filter cloth, resulting in low energy consumption and long maintenance intervals.

CPFE uses true filtration resistance control. With the help of patented algorithms and embedded sensors, CPFE can calculate the actual filter resistance and control the compressed air purge based on the actual filter condition instead of time interval or simple differential pressure. This leads to fewer cleaning cycles and a better filter functionality, savings in compressed air consumption, less wear of filter media and lower emissions. CPFE also provides remote support capabilities and improved process understanding for each unique filter installation.

Fredrik Albertson, 2016-10-28