Flap valve SSKA Flap valve SSKA is designed for dust output from dust extracting plants. The SSKA can be used with b... Read on
Micro dosing system SSDA SSDA is intended for cyclical or continual injection of sorbent/additives in flue gases. This can in... Read on
Dust Bin Connecting Device SAL (A,S,T) Dust bin connecting devices SALA, SALT and SALS are three models with robust and tight lids between ... Read on
Throttle valve SGAB The throttle valve SGAB is a shut off valve intended for dust, sludge, gases and fluids. It can also... Read on
Duct Cleaning Tool Rotaclean Cleaning of ventilation ductsEfficient tool for duct cleaning! Some ventilation ducts are more diffi... Read on
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