Filter material Active filtration surface (EFN 9412 A)This standard is a measure of the properties of the filtration... Read on
High energy scrubber The scrubber PVHA is a high energy scrubber, suitable for most scrubber systems. Read on
Bag filter PFSC Bag filter PFSC is a pulse-cleaned fabric filter for separation of dust suspended in air and other g... Read on
Centrifugal scrubber KACS The centrifugal scrubber KACS, is a counter-current contact apparatus for heat transferral and/or ma... Read on
Control Manager - CPFE helps you to get control of your filter plants. The solution is called resistance measurement namel... Read on
Flap valve SSKA Flap valve SSKA is designed for dust output from dust extracting plants. The SSKA can be used with b... Read on
PFMH-TFAC for cremators Usage areaThe PFMH-TFAC filter is specially designed to clean flue gas from cremation processes. It ... Read on
Vacuum plant FUHT Stationary vacuum systems are intended for cleaning of spaces in bigger industrial buidlings and wor... Read on
Cassette filter PFMG-10 Cassette filter PFMG-10 is designed for separation of dust from industrial processes, where there ar... Read on
Control System for cremators Control System for cremators - that reduce energy consumption Read on
Convector cooler VKR The task of the convector cooler is to cool flue gasses from the furnace, from 800 - 900 °C down... Read on
TAS - Dry Adsorption System The ITK Envifront TAS process is developed for cleaning of flue gasses through so called dry adsorpt... Read on
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